Art Journal 3.12.13

Last night I had fun with my journal and came up with two pages. The first was intentional/planned, the second was the result of me saving inks from my stencils.

Here’s the first:


For this page, I was taking a lesson from Dina Wakley’s “Art Journal Freedom”* (buy this book, people!), specifically about embracing white space on the page. I need to practice this more, since I didn’t end up with much white space in the end, as you can see.

After gessoing the page, I scraped modeling paste through a stencil in opposite corners. After letting the modeling paste dry, I laid down my handmade mask and then spray Colorwash spray inks through various stencils, randomly on the page. Once this layer was dry, I used PanPastel in Payne’s Grey Extra Dark, to create a shadow around the mask.

When I lifted the mask, I felt like the silhouette was too stark, so then I went in and added a few random spritz of Colorwash. Then, I realized that the silhouette faded a little too much into the background, so I added the smudgy black lines with a Sakura oil pastel. Finally I journaled with my Sharpie poster paint pens and sprayed with Krylon to set the PanPastel.

*I plan to write a review of Art Journal Freedom in an upcoming post. I’m actually purposefully reading it slowly. It’s so beautiful to look at, it would be easy to devour it quickly, but I want to savour it!

The next page started with my blotting my inky stencils onto the facing page in my journal.


It’s funny…whenever I try to stamp the negative stencil image onto a page intentionally, I never like the results, but when I do it on scrap paper, I usually love it. So, this time I tried cleaning my stencils on a different page in my journal and I was pleased how they turned out. I didn’t have a plan for this page so I decided to practice my drawing skills by sketching the face using oil pastels. Despite the 60’s bouffant she ended up with, I’m actually pretty happy with her: (a) because I drew her out of my head, no image that I was copying and (b) I was basically drawing with a crayon – not as easy as one might think. Again, I went a little crazy with spray ink in the end, but I’m still encouraged to try more drawing and to use more white space. Maybe next time.

One more important note: my husband gave me a drafting chair for my birthday and he gave it to me last night, a day early. It is SO nice to sit in a comfy chair to play in my journal. Much better than standing or perching on an uncomfortable stool. My butt is so happy!

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